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Google Hijack Virus Removal Instructions

Google Hijack Virus is a sophisticated browser redirecting malware that infects MS Windows DNS settings and redirects Google search results to malicious websites. The redirector is spread by cyber-criminals who make money by intercepting web searches, ripping off unsuspecting victims and stealing their sensitive personal information. When a Google search result is clicked, instead of going through the normal redirection process, it is first sent to servers which reroute the traffic to various rogue sites controlled by the hackers. The redirect problem is also known to affect Bing, Ask and Yahoo search engines as well. Google hijack virus has the ability to redirect and hijack the home page of almost all known Internet browsers like Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

The most common way Google hijack virus finds its way onto your computer is through scareware applications, phishing e-mails and peer-to-peer software downloads. Inside, it exploits vulnerabilities in Windows and tricks the security by disguising as a legitimate driver installation. Depending on the security configuration it will use various techniques to bypass administrator restrictions. Once the Google hijack virus gets administrative privileges, it will try to disable running security software and set up a fake DHCP server. It may also add entries within the registry and change TCP/IP settings and HOSTS file. Google Hijack Virus is a severe security risk that can steal sensitive information and significantly decrease the computer's overall performance.

The removal of Google hijack virus is a very difficult process. To safely remove all parts of the hijacker and prevent it from reinstalling itself you will need a particular rootkit remover utility specifically designed to detect encypted files inserted by the virus.

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Google Hijack Virus may initiate the following symptoms

  • You keep getting random pop-ups opening in new browser tabs
  • When clicking on Google search links you get taken to sites that have nothing to do with the subject you searched for
  • Anti-virus and firewall software won't start
  • Internet stops working
  • Unknown software has been installed without your authorization
  • You can't access reputable sites unless you type the URL into the navigation bar
  • The homepage of your web browser has changed by itself
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