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  Recent Malware Removal Instructions redirect is caused by a pesky browser hijacker that modifies the Windows registry and DNS settings to point your web browser homepage, search page and favorites list to undesirable website. is a legitimate advertising website but cetain criminals use their network to spread viruses. The redirect malware is generally spread via unknown e-mail attachments, file-sharing tools, instant messaging or via adult related web sites. browser hijacker may monitor your surfing habits and lead to your computer to run sluggishly.

Download free system scanner to detect redirect virus and other harmful malware such as worms, trojans, dialers, viruses on your computer.

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Others Not Available redirect virus may cause the following symptoms

  • Blue screen popup error
  • Browser redirecting to strange website
  • Frustrating pop up appearing on the computer screen
  • Very difficult to disable corrupted files manually
  • Unknown files show up in Windows taskbar
  • Ability to adjust the desktop has been removed
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