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  Recent Malware Removal Instructions is installed by a stealthy search hijacker virus (aka browser hijacker) that redirects Chrome, ie and firefox browsers by altering DNS settings in Windows. Whenever a user search Google, Bing, MSN and Yahoo search engine, any link that is clicked on will redirect to and other randomly generated corrupt advertising related URL:s. Mostly spreads via free peer-to-peer files such as games, music or movies or through unsolicited bulk e-mails attachments. may store your personally identifiable data, change/damage important system files and degrade the speed of your computer.

Download free system scanner to detect and other nasty malware like keyloggers, rootkits, adware on your computer.

Aliases -
Related malware,,,,,,,,,,
Exe's -
DLL's -
Others - may lead to the following symptoms

  • Altered web browser startpage
  • Strange bandwidth usage
  • No ability to modify the desktop background
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