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If you are getting redirected to or when clicking on Google links, you have probably fallen victim to a malicious search engine redirecting virus with rootkit capabilities. Both websites are rated safe but the trojan infection associated with the unwated redirects is very malicious and could casue a variety of problems. The browser hijacker takes control of your computer's Internet connection (DNS servers), changes your browser settings and redirects your search engine searches to loaded with product advertisements. Typically, the malicious redirects appear after users visit malicious content websites, download software programs from illegal file sharing networks or click on links in phishing emails.

The ZeroAccess/Sirefef multi-component trojan rootkit associated with the persistent redirect is very complicated to get rid of as it resides in hardly accessible areas of the system and uses a sophisticated technique to bypass detection. related threats may violate your privacy and cause system inconstancy by interfering with your computer's operation. If you believe you are infected, it is highly recommended to scan the computer and remove related malware as soon as possible.

Ensure that your system stays safe from trojan rootkits, backdoors and redirect viruses. Download free system scanner to detect browser redirect and associated malware.

IP / Location / United States, New York
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SafeWeb rating Safe
SiteAdvisor rating Safe
Systems affected Microsoft Windows 7, Vista and XP (32-bit/64-bit)

Symptoms initiated by the browser hijacker:

  • Google, Bing and Yahoo keep redirecting to and other completely irrelevant search engines when you try to execute a search query
  • You are unable to access certain web sites regardless of browser you are using
  • Windows displays a registry error message and the computer is running extremely slow
  • You get recurring pop up windows from (mainly IE, FireFox, Safari and Chrome)